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Oxford Sessions

by Brodie Moniker

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released May 26, 2016



all rights reserved


Brodie Moniker Saskatchewan

Making music for over 15 years, large back catalogue available through this site, music from old bands, basement jams, sound experiments and theatre productions, with more music to come!

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Track Name: IS
Please don't wake me from this dream
I sleep with angels, I float on with them
It slips through my fingertips
Reveals me to me

Interior spaces
Track Name: Old Sandbox
Where'd you go?
What did you leave behind?
You used to dance and sing, but now you stand in line
Where'd you go?
You lost sight of the sun while you were blinded by the snow

You were strong when you were young
They taught you to throw stones and then turn around and run

Where are you now?
What did you hope to find?
You used to scale these mountains, but now they're hard to climb
Where are you now?
Are you busy being witty trynna see the city from the town?

They stole your thunder and killed all the lights,
The cops were on your tail for breakin windows in the night